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  • Sailing in Circles Cover
    Sailing in Circles,
    Goin' Somewhere
    Not Your Typical Boat Story

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  • The Dead Letter
    The Dead Letter
    Winner of the 2016 Prince Edward Island Book Award for Fiction.

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  • The Reluctant Detective
    The Reluctant
    Anne Brown takes over her uncle’s private investigation company after his sudden death.

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Finley MartinBut beware. If you enter this portal, you may expose yourself to harm from clean, sharp writing and well-honed nuance. Mystery lurks in its shadows. Expect confrontation with characters boldly wading into crimes and others struggling to escape its devastation. Along the way, you will also witness fictional life in its dance with humor and humanity, forgiveness and regret. But these may not be enough to protect delicate sensibilities.


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After returning to civilian life, I free-lanced as a writer, p.r. consultant, and photographer