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News & Events

"Sailing in Circles, Goin' Somewhere" is the name of a new book by Finley Martin. It tells the story of the PEI man's attempt to fulfill a dream of circumnavigating eastern North a boat that he built.

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Stand by for the launch of my latest book: Sailing in Circles, Going Somewhere (Nimbus Press), a memoir about a home-made boat and a childhood dream. It’s funny and adventurous. It’s bitter-sweet and poignant. It’s sometimes hair-raising and often panoramic as it plows through the waterways of two countries and gathers memorable tales along the way.

Will the boat survive? Will the dream come true? Maybe…maybe not. One thing for sure though, this boat and its journey will transport you through a great summer read.

Book will be launched in April and available through most book stores.

“Never a dull moment” should be the mantra of every modern fiction writer. Savvy critics preach it from literary pulpits. Eager readers crave it like coke-heads. Yet, in spite of all that, many writers don’t get it, even some acclaimed ones.

Let’s start at the beginning. Competition is brutal in the writing market. Writers know it; publishers know it; the reading public knows it, but TV producers know it a little more keenly. If they don’t hook their audience within 15 seconds of the camera rolling out a story line, the viewers abandon ship and surf the other hundred or so channels for their fix.

In the literary world, the publisher has first crack at gathering market share: they design a book cover that draws potential readers to that special place on the book stand and conjure a logline that’s sharp, crisp, and tasty.

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Remarks by Lieutenant Governor and Premier of Prince Edward Island and others.

Finley Martin will read out of A View From the Bridge and present his reflections on the value of local history.

Event will be at 7:00 pm at Wellness Center, Montague, PE.